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16 Handles Launches New Flavor: Cerealiously Loopy, Made with Froot Loops® Cereal!

March 16, 2018

Craving Fro-Yo for breakfast? You’re in luck! 16 Handles is launching a new flavor: Cerealiously Loopy, made with Froot Loops® Cereal! Handcrafted with the beloved cereal, this delicious frozen yogurt is packed with fruity flavors that will take you right back to childhood.


The flavor is available in a variety of product offerings – including Fro-Yo sandwiches and the 16 Handles Whip Up®, which blends guests’ topping selections with their frozen yogurt for the perfect mix.


Try one of these combinations to create the ultimate frozen treat:


The Breakfast Club: Granola, Blueberry, Kiwi

Cereal Killer: Raspberry Sauce, Chocolate Gravel, Chocolate Cookie Crunch

Breakfast of Champions: Froot Loops® cereal, Trix® cereal, Cookie Crisp™ Cereal