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16 Handles Launches Cookie Dough!

16 Handles Launches Cookie Dough!

January 30, 2018

16 Handles, everyone’s favorite DIY-sundae Fro-Yo and ice cream shop, is launching a new dessert – cookie dough! Available as a topping for your soft serve or jarred individually for a take-home treat, 16 Handles Cookie Dough is available in three flavors: Chocolate Brownie Cookie Dough with Hershey’s® Mini Kisses, Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter Cookie Dough with Reese’s® Mini Pieces.


16 Handles Cookie Dough is part of an entirely new line for the company – Treats by 16. Treats by 16 will encompass a wide variety of delicious desserts, centered around the brand’s core tenets of quality, fun, and self expression.


“16 Handles is all about creating the world’s best-tasting desserts and snacks,” says CEO and founder, Solomon Choi. “We instantly loved the taste of this cookie dough and we knew our customers would love it, too. Not only is it a delicious topping for your soft serve, but it’s also a delicious standalone snack. With the introduction of this new line, ‘Treats by 16’, 16 Handles will continue to offer a variety of delicious desserts, venturing into new product categories to better fulfill the changing needs of our consumers.”