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Img 1- smoothies and cups

@16Handles I love you. Thank you for bringing me endless amounts of happiness

@mariellaaxo1 | July 22, 2019

Img 2- overhead delivery

@16Handles i love you so much

@Fcketastic | June 05, 2019

img 3- city cone

we LOVE creating doughlicious flavors exclusively for @16Handles

@cookieDOnyc | July 15, 2019

img 4- DO Partnership

It’s been decided. I’m having 16 Handles soft serve for dinner.

@BeckyWS | May 16, 2019

img 5- hungryhipsters

Ever since I found out 16 handles has vegan options I’ve been tempted to go daily

@abbyandrewYT | June 14, 2019

img 6- sammies

@16Handles Congratulations on receiving an “A” grade on our #vegan frozen yogurt chain rankings!

@peta | June 03, 2019