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16 Handles Launches Custard and Italian Ice!

16 Handles Launches Custard and Italian Ice!

August 16, 2018

On August 16, 16 Handles is celebrating summertime with the launch of two classic summer favorites – custard and Italian ice. Traditionally known for its frozen yogurt, the shop expanded its offerings to include ice cream last year. In July, they launched gelato, bolstering their mission to provide the most expansive variety of delicious desserts. With the addition of custard and Italian ice, 16 Handles is primed to become the ultimate dessert destination.

Boardwalk Vanilla Custard is the perfect summer treat – made with milk, cream, and egg yolks, custard has a richer, creamier consistency than ice cream. Italian ice is made without dairy for the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors that is both refreshing and vegan. The new Blue Razz Italian Ice takes you straight back to childhood with its bold color and flavor. To complement Blue Razz Italian Ice, blue raspberry candies will be on hand at the toppings bar, which is always stocked with fresh fruit, nuts, and sweets to satisfy any craving. The two new flavors can be twisted together using the 17th handle for the ultimate summer throwback twist – a refreshing, sweet blend of Italian ice and custard that’s sure to satisfy.

“16 Handles is all about having something for everyone,” says CEO and founder, Solomon Choi. “We’re excited to bring so many new additions to our flavor lineup this summer. With our new gelato, custard, and Italian ice soft-serve offerings, we’re allowing our guests to customize their desserts with more options than ever before.”