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Can My Dog Eat Frozen Yogurt? 

Can My Dog Eat Frozen Yogurt? 

September 16, 2019

Man’s best friend often isn’t allowed to enjoy many of the delicious and delectable treats that we can. Even though we enjoy foods like pizza and chocolate, they are typically off limits for our furry companions. However, a tasty treat that may be an exception is frozen yogurt! There are a number of reasons that frozen yogurt is one of the few human treats that dogs can enjoy as well.

In fact, not only is frozen yogurt a treat that can be shared with dogs, but it may also benefit them. Fro-yo is known for its live and active cultures, which aid human digestion. These same cultures may benefit your dog’s digestion, as well! In fact, these active bacteria can serve as a probiotic for your dog.

A Great Alternative Treat to Ice Cream

The benefits of fro-yo make it the perfect snack alternative to ice cream for you and your dog to enjoy. Ice cream is actually not a good treat for dogs, since it is known to cause bloating, gas, and other issues associated with their inability to digest milk properly. Not to mention, ice cream is loaded with sugar, which can lead to all sorts of health issues for dogs (humans too!), such as obesity and diabetes. Often times, ice cream has xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in many products including gum, toothpaste, mints, and JELL-O.  Xylitol is used as an additive to improve taste, and it is actually toxic for dogs. As a result, you should make sure your dog steers clear of it.  

Doesn’t Frozen Yogurt Have Dairy In It? 

You may be thinking, “Gee, frozen yogurt has dairy in it as well, so, like ice cream, I probably can’t feed it to my dog.” It is true that frozen yogurt has dairy, specifically lactose, in it. But there’s a catch. Fro-yo is unique in that the fermentation process decreases the amount of lactose in the final product. This makes it much easier for dogs to digest it, to the point where most dogs can enjoy the treat without experiencing any adverse effects! 

This doesn’t mean that dogs can enjoy all types of frozen yogurt. It is important to make sure you are cautious when choosing a flavor and examining the ingredients. Certain flavors, like chocolate, can be bad for dogs, since chocolate is actually very bad for our canine friends. Human fro-yo, depending on the producer, can also contain additives that are not good for dogs and which can harm them, including xylitol. 

Some Dogs can’t Tolerate Lactose

As a result, it is recommended that if you are going to feed your dog frozen yogurt, you should buy special dog fro-yo from your local pet store. This way you can be confident that the fro-yo you are giving your dog is safe and designed for consumption by dogs. As an alternative option, you can buy plain, unsweetened yogurt from your local grocery store and put it in your freezer. This is definitely a feasible route for safely feeding your dog frozen yogurt, but make sure to check the ingredients list for anything that could be bad for your dog.

Additionally, while fro-yo can be eaten by dogs on account of its decreased lactose content, it still does contain lactose. As such, if your dog has never had frozen yogurt before, try giving it to him/her in small amounts at first and waiting to see how the dog’s system reacts. If your dog doesn’t experience any discomfort, such as bloating or constipation, fro-yo may be a great treat for them.

Remember, as with anything, moderation is key. It’s definitely not a good idea to feed your dog fro-yo, no matter how good it is, every single day. If you are unsure about whether or not it is a good idea to feed your individual dog frozen yogurt, reach out to your dog’s veterinarian. They will be able to provide you with the best information that is relevant to your dog and their health specifically. 

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