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Feeling Quarantine Fatigue? 10 Tips From Your Friends at 16 Handles

Feeling Quarantine Fatigue? 10 Tips From Your Friends at 16 Handles

March 10, 2021

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s been a long year of quarantining. Feeling fatigued? You’re not alone. Luckily, when it comes to happiness, we consider ourselves experts, so you’ve come to the right blog. We put together a list of ways to beat your quarantine fatigue with a little fun, all while keeping yourself and your community safe.

1. Get active!

We understand just how easy it is to pull the covers over your head and go right back to sleep—and to be fair, some days you need exactly that. But when you catch yourself spending one too many days in, maybe it’s time to do some morning yoga from your favorite YouTube guru, to hop on to that new weighted hula hoop trend, or to take an easy 15-minute walk around the neighborhood. Release some endorphins! You’ll thank yourself for it! (And after, you can always recharge with one of our fruit- & veggie-filled smoothies. 😉)

2. Bust a move! (Be careful though… it’s been a while.)

We don’t expect to be hitting the dance floor too soon, but that’s no excuse for letting yourself get rusty! Make a new playlist of all the songs that you wish you could be getting down to with your friends right now, and you’ll have a perfect mix to bring up the mood.

3. Dive into a sweet treat.

Tap into that sweet tooth of yours. Whether you’re craving ice cream, sorbet, or fro-yo, you know just where to go. Make a quick stop at your nearest 16 Handles or place an order online to have the sweetest treats delivered right to your doorstep. We might be a little biased, but we’re pretty sure ending with the right dessert is the best way to make any day better.

4. Treat yo’self. You deserve it.

We know all too well: you’ve been thinking about those Amazon leggings you’ve seen on TikTok, or maybe you’ve got a shopping cart online that’s just waiting for you to click Purchase. You’ve been inside, you’ve been double-masking, and you’ve been keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. That’s a reason to celebrate with a little reward.

5. Host a movie night.

Maybe you can’t get the whole gang together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t host an at-home or virtual movie night! Don’t just stop at just picking the movie… make it an occasion! Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, and really set the mood! But the best part about at-home movie nights? You don’t have to sneak the 16 Handles in under your jacket. Just pick your favorite flavors + toppings from your local shop, and let us deliver them to your snack-friendly home theater.

6. Get a Vitamin D boost.

With all the time most of us have been spending at home this winter, our vitamin D levels have taken a big hit. Get some sunlight! Whether it’s sitting on your front porch (AKA your fire escape), going for a quick run, or taking a drive to your local park, you’ll be surprised to remember that nice, natural lift in your spirits. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

7. Find some FaceTime.

We might feel overloaded with Zooms and video chats, but don’t let them go just yet. To keep some socializing in your socially-distant schedule, set up a regular time for video calls with someone you love. Seeing their face, hearing their voice, and seeing what they’ve been up to (no matter how mundane our lives might feel right now) will give you that sense of connection we’ve been missing. You could even surprise them with a dinner or dessert delivery during your call and share a meal together while supporting a restaurant in your community.

8. Get Creative.

Coloring books are not just for kids. Let yourself be creative again, whether it’s by picking up an instrument you used to play, sketching portraits of your friends, or writing some poetry. You can be an at-home artist, no matter what your craft or how long it’s been. Flaunt your flavor!

9. Get dolled up!

We know there aren’t so many places to go, but who said we’ve gotta go out to show out!? Whether you do your hair and makeup for a FaceTime call, chef up that new recipe you saved (hello, Ina Garten!) and make it an at-home date night, or put on your favorite shoes for a simple trip to the grocery store, it’s all about feeling good and showing up for yourself. ❤️

10. Keep it Positive.

As we hit the one-year mark of quarantining, it’s easy to let intrusive thoughts get the better of us. Take a minute to remember some good news, whether it’s in your personal life or in the world as our science and healthcare heroes work on brining the pandemic to an end. Call a friend you can always count on for a smile. Watch something that makes you laugh. There are reasons to be positive—you’ve got this!