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Img 1- Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate

@maryannvictoria: Drew and I just justified getting froyo for the second time this week by walking to and from 16 Handles…3 miles total covers the calories..right?

@maryannvictoria | June 06, 2018

Img 2- Froyo Sandwiches

i like to undo all my progress from the gym by getting 16 Handles

@woahitsshawn | June 11, 2018

img 3- loopedblog

There are 100 BILLION galaxies in the world, but none as delicious as

@loopedfood | May 13, 2018

img 4- 4 cups

@manymanywords: I have not felt this cocky about being a pig since a little girl in line at 16 Handles asked her mom why shouldn’t get as much candy as I had.

@manymanywords | May 27, 2018

img 5- hungryhipsters

It’s 10PM, I just had 16 Handles and I’m watching Monsters Inc. Am I a grown up? You tell me.

@ck1230t | May 03, 2018

img 6- brownies

@janemarie19: I just found out there’s a frozen yogurt place called on the east coast so how soon can the moving van get here?

@blythebernhard | June 11, 2018