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Trees planted

Img 1- Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate

Wishing we were eating some fro yo today with our one true love @16Handles. ❤️❤️

@TheEngagingEd | April 27, 2017

Img 2- Froyo Sandwiches

“Mango Sorbetto” from would be amazing right now

@__Idia | April 22, 2017

img 3- loopedblog

Salted chocolate chip cookie dough is back at the @16Handles near me and I just want to live next to that machine until they take it away

@TelaB713 | March 24, 2017

img 4- 4 cups

Day is made when you get

@JohnMKlein2 | April 06, 2017

img 5- hungryhipsters

I need some frozen yogurt rn

@leahsuarez97 | April 26, 2017

img 6- brownies

Salted caramel & cold brew coffee mixed is❤️

@gordon_beach | April 25, 2017