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Trees planted

Img 1- Catering (nice)

 for the win as my birthday dinner and yes I said DINNER!

@saldashlee | January 21, 2016

Img 2- Froyo Sandwiches

I have to go downtown today, but there’s a nearby so everything’s going to be okay.

@JacksonDCline | December 30, 2015

img 3- monsterfroyo

This baby is going to be born with a hot pink plastic spoon in its mouth… is my #1 pregnancy craving!

@LadyChristineM | January 29, 2016

img 4- sprinkles

What do you do when the 1 train isn’t coming for 9 min and the platform is full? Pop up to to pass the time!

@KlingerLarissa | October 07, 2015

img 5- pbccheesecake

Omg. 16 handles breakfast. Life changing.

@liv_inthalife | January 29, 2016

img 6- ooey gooey froyo

I have no threshold.

@vainpresumption | January 19, 2016