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True love —> @16Handles

@SowmyaK | August 19, 2014

Img 1

#BigNews @16Handles introduced a new flavor Dunk Yo’ Cookies! #Dying

@RebeccaRShapiro | September 03, 2014

img 2

I just gave a cab driver the address of @16Handles instead of my apartment.

@NoMadBlog | June 07, 2014

img 2

Oh hello new @16Handles “Yo Soy Vanilla”#dairyfree flavor; I’m in love with you so much…

@GabrielRSRocha | July 21, 2014

img 3

How @16Handles made my night with magical kindness! #bestfroyointown

@LaneBrenner | July 22, 2014

img 3

Props to @16Handles for the perfect snack break at work! #FroYoLife

@Acal | June 25, 2014