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Trees planted

16 Handles helps to plant 16 tress every day
Img 1- Fruity Pebbles and Chocolate

Shoutout to for showing their customers just how sustainable a company can be!

@rheanna997 | March 31, 2018

Img 2- Froyo Sandwiches

I just had @16Handles delivered to my office and I might be the happiest human in NYC

@BlairDiana | March 06, 2018

img 3- loopedblog

Froyo delivery from vis it’s like my dreams have come true.

@jennapetrillo_ | March 22, 2018

img 4- 4 cups

Cuando este en un bad mood 16 Handles es la solución

@DIMELOJUANCHIE | April 16, 2018

img 5- hungryhipsters

Thank you @16Handles for getting me through my 3pm snack craving!

@neverfollowsthr | March 12, 2018

img 6- brownies

Did you even get if you don’t Gram it? 

@janemarie19 | March 29, 2018